Jay, trying to remember...

Controlling Vera home automation Z-Wave controller with Amazon Echo by running an emulator on a Raspberry Pi

This is all made possible by a nifty little Java app written by armzilla. Here’s a quick explanation of the setup:

Starting somthing on Raspberry Pi boot...

This seems to be the easiest way to start something up on bootup of Rasperian…

Tooling for a new project - choices, choices, choices...

Here’s the front-end development stack that I’m leaning towards for a new build that I’m contemplating (at this specific momement):

Managing Jekyll with rake

Since jekyll is a ruby tool, I’m using rake to manage it. Here’s my Rakefile

Trying out a bash Jekyll creation script

This seems to work- it opens up the markdown file in vi (which I suppose is what my bash editor is set to) so that will take some getting used to - or I could cheat and not learn vi - which I’ve been putting off for about 20 years now.

Moving to Jekyll

Moving this site over to Jekyll

Clever floating point rounding in JavaScript

This is clever

npm: One tool to rule them all...

After trying to sort out what a toolset should be for standard JS / HTML / possibly Node development, I’m narrowing on just using npm. Here’s the reference material that got me to this place:

Trying out Codeship

Stumbled across Codeship and decided to give it a shot. Works a little similar to deploying to Heroku which I’m already doing, so it wasn’t too bad to figure out.

npm Error - " glob error { [Error: EMFILE, readdir ... "

Found the answer why this was happening here: http://blog.izs.me/post/56827866110/wtf-is-emfile-and-why-does-it-happen-to-me