Jay, trying to remember...

mysql.h is missing. please check your installation of mysql and try again.

Ugh, this is a bear, but after many empty Googled alleyways, I stumbled on this post that fixed the issue… She can explain better- http://www.randomactsofsentience.com/2013/05/gem-install-mysql2-missing-mysqlh-on-os.html

C99 Mode - Whatever that is...

So, I’ve never dabbled in C until now while using it with AVR microcontrollers - and while trying to complie a simple for loop:

8-Bit Sine Wave Table

This was what I needed for a rainbow RGB LED cycle…

ATtiny software PWM to drive RGB LED

Based on Atmel’s AVR136: Low-Jitter Multi-Channel Software PWM Application note, here’s a 3 channel software-based pulse width modulator to drive a RGB LED. This is a proof of concept and currently there is some in-efficient color cycling code in there, but the goal is to drive these cheap chips using an I2C (two wire serial) bus. Disco dance floor anyone?…

AVR Dragon / avrdude command to reset bad ATtiny85 fuses

avrdude -c dragon_hvsp -p attiny85 -U lfuse:w:0x62:m -U hfuse:w:0xdf:m -U efuse:w:0xff:m -P usb

AVR ATTiny85 Makefile

This is what I’m using as a Makefile - based on what was included in a downloaded XCode template project - Can’t remember where I downloaded the starting point, but thanks…

Arduino / AVR ATTiny

Starting to play around with Arduino and straight-up AVR ATTiny microprocessors… Here are some resources I’ve found helpful so far:

Facebook OAuth with Sinatra

This MOSTLY is working, so, here’s what I found when trying to connect to Facebook with OAuth. It needs some serious refactoring because a lot of this was done in an “investigative” trial and error way. It also looks like Facebook have improved their docs on this since I was first looking at them…

Been neglecting this blog 'cause I've been busy.

Going to start reviewing what went down with my little app though.

Backing up your DB on a Capistrano deployment

Yeah, it’s simple but useful. Since I’m using sqlite at the moment, it’s just a copy but you could run any command in a similar way. I’m also tagging the backup name with a date. Here’s a snip from my Capistrano deploy file….